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Because the

needs to chill! less pain. recovery. to sleep.

The world is turning to CBD for a healthier approach to managing stress, pain relief, and better overall heath.
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The Spray Tincture


  • Spray Top for more accurate, convenient dosing.
  • Miron Glass bottle to prevent degradation.
  • 1000 mg /bottle
  • 10 mg/spray
  • THC Free
  • Clean Lemon Flavor

Extreme Relief Cream


  • More accurate dosing.
  • Fast and clean
  • 1000 mg /bottle
  • 10 mg/spray
  • THC Free
  • Clean Lemon Flavor

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  • CBD normally makes me tired.  I love the green caffeine in the Focus Gummy.  It allows me to take CBD during my workday for the calming benefits without becoming groggy.

    Erin Baylor - Trainer, BA Bootcamp

  • Having the cream and spray tincture deliver every month has allowed me to make CBD a routine.  The quality is great, and the products just work.

    Justin Curry - Owner, Ultimate Fitness

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