Create Your Personal CBD Experience.

Build your personal combination of premium CBD products for a price that won’t cause anxiety.

Build your personal combination of premium CBD products for a price that won’t cause anxiety.

Because the world needs to chill! less pain. recovery. to sleep.

The world is turning to CBD for a healthier alternative to managing stress, pain, and better overall health.
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Good quality products lead to good quality of health.


  • Formulated for Results
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Lab Tested
  • THC Free
  • Vegan

Build Your Personal Day Box

Make relaxation and better health a normal part of life with your personal combination of premium CBD products!

Build Box

Choose your box level and fill it with premium items.


Schedule how ofter you would like to receive your box.


Checkout securely and visit your account page for order info.


Enjoy better health in 2-3 days for transit time.


Change items in your box any time through your account page.

Good Day Box

Choose any single premium CBD item for...


Save 17%

Great Day Box

Choose any two premium CBD items for...

$44 Each

Save 25%

Best Day Ever Box

Choose any three or more premium CBD items for...

$40 Each

Save 32%

“When you find a product that works for you, you stick with it”

Justin Curry – Owner, Ultimate Fitness Gym


A Word From The World

“I have tried many tinctures.  They are moslty the same.  This one is different.  The spray bottle is so helpful.  I don’t know why they all don’t come this way.  I also like that there is no hemp flavor.  Just a hint of lemon.  This one was made for me.  Please add more flavor options!”

Leslie - Madison, WI

“You can find CBD creams at this potency.  But not many.  I need this strength since it’s the only thing that works after my knee surgery.  I was paying out the wazoo and almost stopped using it.  I found Planet Three brand and it’s so affordable.  And it works.  Done.”

Tom - Peoria, IL

“I take care of my husband all day long now that he’s had a stroke several years ago.  I started using Planet Three’s Sleep gummy’s and have had more restful nights and I wake in the morning feeling like I got more hours of sleep the night before.  Thanks Planet Three!”

Billie of Mt. Vernon MO.

“I’ve tried a lot of CBD oils and by far Planet Three’s Lemon Premium tincture is the bomb! Great tasting and I love the spray bottle.  Will reorder, over and over!”

Eric of Ft. Collins CO.

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