Planet Three

About Us

Igniting the Revolution
In a world plagued by pain and suffering, we refuse to settle for the status quo. We’re here to unleash a wave of energy and vitality, offering dynamic alternatives to pain relief, opioids, and alcohol. It’s time to seize control of our health and embrace a vibrant way of life. This manifesto is our rallying cry, fueling the launch of a groundbreaking company dedicated to providing natural solutions that will redefine health and empower individuals to conquer pain with style!

Our Commitment

Here at Planet Three, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of quality, puritypotency, and effectiveness across all of our product lines. We want you to live free! Free from pain, anxiety, stress, and regain the ability to live life to its’ fullest. This will always be our commitment to you.

Product and Backpack

Our Values

Being healthy in the world today takes intentionality, boundaries and and surrounding yourself with a community that want to see you succeed. We believe in holding true to some key values in helping guide us in the world we bring to life here at Planet Three.

Better Input

Before you can have better output, you must have better input. Whether it’s better food and nutrition so your body has the energy to exercise and be active, or taking in better information so you can make better decisions in life, we believe better input comes before better output.

Better Together

We know. It sounds cliche. For better or worse, we are on this rock together. We think it’s better to find common ground. To unite and see everyone contribute to becoming better together. In a world that leans toward divisiveness and canceling others out, we believe celebrating our differences moving forward together.

Better Health

Your wellbeing is more important than any skill, talent, or mission you have in life. You must take care of yourself in order to have the energy and presence to make any sort of positive contribution to the world. If you want to leave your mark, you must first focus on becoming the best of yourself.