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Focus Gummies

A perfect CBD gummy to take before a workout, while working on that project, or anytime you need a little calm energy and focus with all the health benefits of CBD.  And a bonus...they are delicious!

  • L-Theanine, Green Caffeine
  • 45 Gummies | 25mg CBD ea
  • 1,125 mg CBD / Bottle
  • Cherry Blast Flavor
  • THC Free
  • Low Sugar, Vegan

Sleep Gummies

Just the right combination of CBD, Melatonin, and Chamomile that will ease you into a restful nights sleep, and help you stay asleep without waking groggy.

  • Melatonin + Chamomile
  • 45 Gummies, 25mg CBD ea.
  • 1,125 mg CBD / Bottle
  • THC Free
  • Low Sugar, Vegan
  • Blue Raspberry Flavor

Relax Gummies

For those who are wanting a delicious way to have your CBD, this is for you.  Simply, 25mg of CBD isolate in a low sugar, vegan gummy.

  • Perfect for:  Relaxation, better sleep, pain management, overall health maintenance.
  • 25 mg CBD / Gummy
  • 1,125 mg CBD / Bottle
  • 45 Gummies / Bottle
  • Blueberry Flavor
  • THC Free

Premium Mist

A better way to do a tincture with a spray bottle allowing for quick, discreet use and accurate, flexible dosing at 10 mg CBD per spray.  Top it off with a Miron glass bottle protecting your CBD from UV light degradation.

  • 10 mg CBD/ Spray (approx. 100 sprays)
  • 1000 mg CBD/ Bottle
  • Lemon Flavor
  • THC Free
  • .5 oz

Relief Cream

This is the cream for those who are looking for some serious relief.  At a therapeutic potency of 3000 mg of CBD (4 oz), this cream is up to ease your everyday muscle and join pains.

  • Muscle and Joint Relief (4oz)
  • Menthol + 3000 mg CBD
  • Light Wintergreen Scent

Relief Roller

Quick relief on the go!  This roller is perfect for the pocket, purse, or gym bag, and having cool relief on CBD and menthol wherever and whenever you need it most.  Simple.  Clean ingredients.  Effective relief.

  • 10 ml roller
  • 100 mg CBD / roller
  • Colling Menthol

Gummy Trial Pack

Trying to decide which gummy works best for your lifestyle?  Do you want to put our flavors to the test?  Give this trial pack a shot.  However, you may love them all!

  • Four Good Morning - Focus Gummies (Cherry Blast Flavor)
  • Four Good Day - Relax Gummies (Blueberry Flavor)
  • Four Goodnight - Sleep Gummies (Blue Raspberry Flavor)
  • 25 mg CBD / Gummy
  • THC Free

Sport Cream

A nice concentrated CBD formula for those working their muscles and joints and need some extra relief.  Slightly more menthol and concentration than our Relief Cream formula, and with a clean dispenser pump for easy and consistent use.  

  • Muscle and Joint Relief (2oz)
  • Menthol + 2000 mg CBD
  • Wintergreen Scent
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