Good Evening – Relax Cubes

Stress less.  Better mood.

  • 60 Cubes / Bottle
  • 25 mg CBD / Cube
  • Lemon Balm
  • GABA
  • L-Theanine

$88.00 or subscribe and save 15%

99 in stock

About Me

→  Unwind after your workday.

→  Level out tense life moments.

→  Perfect for movie night.

→  Great before bedtime, too!

Whenever you need to calm your body and mind to unwind and enjoy the moment, this Cube is for you!

OK, what do ya got in here?

CBD. Isn't that all I need for calming?

For many people, CBD is great for calming on its own.  However, there are times when you need to enhance this benefit with the synergistic ingredients found in this Relax Cube.  We are supercharging your relaxation when needed most.

Lemon Balm? How is lemon calming?

Lemon Balm is an herb from the mint family, and is used to improve both mood and mind.  We have addid this powerful ingredient to sooth your stress and lift your mood.

L-Theanine? Same as your Focus Cubes?

Yes.  But without the caffeine!  L-Theanine minus the caffeine is used to increase a sense of calm without causing drowsiness.

GABA? Sounds tasty. What is it?

GABA is. anaturally ocurring neurotransmitter found in the brain, and can help reduce feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress.

And, Of Course, Read The Label

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Recommended Serving

Take 1 to 3 cubes as needed.  But hey, fact of the matter is we don't know if you're a big coffee drinker...or what size you are...or how much focus your need.  Sometimes you may need one, and sometimes you may need three.  Everything is natural and safe.  You may get wild, and take four!!!  It's fine.





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Good Evening – Relax Cubes

$88.00 or subscribe and save 15%

99 in stock

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