Good Morning – Focus Cubes

Dial in.  Get things done.

  • 60 Cubes / Bottle
  • 25 mg CBD each
  • L-Theanine
  • Green Coffee Caffeine
  • B-12

$88.00 or subscribe and save 15%

100 in stock

About Me

→ Supercharge your mornings.

→ Recharge your afternoons.

→  Energize your workouts.

→ Engage in your conversations.

Whenever you need energy and focus to bring presence to the moment, this Cube is for you!

What The Heck Is In This Stuff?

Green Coffee? Can't I just drink Coffee?

This caffeine is from the RAW green coffee bean, which allows for the benefit of all its healthy compounds to remain intact.  If you are looking for the most potent anti-inflammation and antioxidant benefits, go with this un-roasted version of the bean.

L-Theanine? Is that a chemical?

Actually, L-Theanine is an amino acid derived from tea, and provides that nice calming of the mind effect, without the drowsiness.  Paired with green caffeine, you get a powerful combination of focus without the jitters.

B12....Ok....I know this one.

B12 is essential for a properly running nervous system.  At the same time, B12 is deficient in many people today due to diet and our ability to absorb this vitamin. does that help with focus?

CBD is know to calm the mind and body.  This can help focus alone.  But it also acts as a neurotransmitter allowing for your mind and body to run at their best.

For All You Label Readers Out There

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Recommended Serving

Take 1 to 3 cubes as needed.  But hey, fact of the matter is we don't know if you're a big coffee drinker...or what size you are...or how much focus your need.  Sometimes you may need one, and sometimes you may need three.  Everything is natural and safe.  You may get wild, and take four!!!  It's fine.




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  1. Brandi D

    Taste is great!

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Good Morning – Focus Cubes

$88.00 or subscribe and save 15%

100 in stock

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