Goodnight – Sleep Cubes

Dream well.  Wake rested.

  • 60 Cubes / Bottle
  • 25 mg CBD / Cube
  • Melatonin
  • Chamomile

$88.00 or subscribe and save 15%

100 in stock

About Me

→ Take back your bedtime.

→  Sleep well, travelers.

→  Maintain that early gym schedule.

→  Dominate that rotating schedule.

All kinds of things want to throw your sleep routing out of wack.  Be the boss and take back your bedtime so you can wake rested and dominate the day.

OK, What Do Ya Got In Here?

Melatonin? Can't I just take that alone?

Of course.  However, melatonin is great for going to sleep, but you don't want to be waking up again at 2AM.  This combination with CBD and Chamomile will allow you to go to sleep and get a full nights rest.

Chamomile? Like the tea?

Yup.  Just like the herbal tea that has safely been used for thousands of years to promote sleepiness, improve sleep quality, and defeat insomnia.

CBD? OK. Will CBD make me tired?

One of the most well known reported benefits of CBD is improved sleep quality when taken before bedtime.  This is the perfect trio of safe, sleep-aid powerhouses to put you back on track with a full nights rest and recovery.

Read The Label

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Recommended Serving

Take 1 to 2 cubes as needed.  Melatonin is excellent for helping to regulate sleep patterns.  Once you are enjoying a consistent nights sleep, move to the Relax Cube or CBD mist spray before bedtime.





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Goodnight – Sleep Cubes

$88.00 or subscribe and save 15%

100 in stock

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