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  • Premium Spray Tincture

    A better way to do a tincture with a spray bottle allowing for quick, discreet use and accurate, flexible dosing at 10 mg CBD per spray.  Top it off with a Miron glass bottle protecting your CBD from UV light degradation.

    • 10 mg CBD/ Spray (approx. 100 sprays)
    • 1000 mg CBD/ Bottle
    • Lemon Flavor
    • THC Free
    • .5 oz
  • Relief Cream

    This is the cream for those who are looking for some serious relief.  At a therapeutic potency of 3000 mg of CBD (4 oz), this cream is up to ease your everyday muscle and join pains.

    • Muscle and Joint Relief (4oz)
    • Menthol + 3000 mg CBD
    • Light Wintergreen Scent
  • Focus Gummies

    A perfect CBD gummy to take before a workout, while working on that project, or anytime you need a little calm energy and focus with all the health benefits of CBD.  And a bonus...they are delicious!

    • L-Theanine, Green Caffeine
    • 45 Gummies | 25mg CBD ea
    • 1,125 mg CBD / Bottle
    • Cherry Blast Flavor
    • THC Free
    • Low Sugar, Vegan
  • Sleep Gummies

    Just the right combination of CBD, Melatonin, and Chamomile that will ease you into a restful nights sleep, and help you stay asleep without waking groggy.

    • Melatonin + Chamomile
    • 45 Gummies, 25mg CBD ea.
    • 1,125 mg CBD / Bottle
    • THC Free
    • Low Sugar, Vegan
    • Blue Raspberry Flavor
  • Relax Gummies

    For those who are wanting a delicious way to have your CBD, this is for you.  Simply, 25mg of CBD isolate in a low sugar, vegan gummy.

    • Perfect for:  Relaxation, better sleep, pain management, overall health maintenance.
    • 25 mg CBD / Gummy
    • 1,125 mg CBD / Bottle
    • 45 Gummies / Bottle
    • Blueberry Flavor
    • THC Free
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